One of the main INGENIOUS objectives is to enhance data collection and processing during an emergency operation and to enhance information dissemination to FRs at all levels of command. In this context INGENIOUS partners are working on the:

  • Design and implementation of a Multi-Source Information Fusion Engine and an Early Warning System (EWS), providing real-time situational awareness and decision support. It also involves risk assessment, analyzing all hazards, vulnerabilities and possible impacts to the operation, and providing timely alerts to FRs.
  • Creation of a knowledge database for expert reasoning and queries. It will define a data model for capturing information about resources, entities, and their interrelations. Data will be semantically annotated so they can support high level queries and filtering rules.
  • Development and Prototyping of the INGENIOUS Augmented Reality Response Platform (ARRP). This includes vital sensor values/alerts and information about critical assets, navigation to desired locations, as well as the visualization of checklists, which will enable FRs to assess and report the progression in their current assignment.
  • Development of INGENIOUS web and mobile applications (in Android or iOS), including:
    • a Worksite App, including day-to-day logistics and resources management,
    • a Social Media App, aiming at the collection of data from social media and online content to assist first responders,
    • a Face Recognition App, facilitating the task of casualties recognition in difficult environmental and health conditions,
    • a Multi-lingual Operations (speech translation) App, which will comprise a speech-to-speech translation module to enhance voice communications between multilingual COPs and FR teams and between members of different FR teams, and
    • a Triage and Patients Tracking App, for assisting FRs conducting triage and pre-hospitalisation support.
  • Creation of an innovative Common Operation Picture (COP), enhanced with operational information (icons, labels, simulation results) on a map environment. It aims at becoming the central, visual interface of the INGENIOUS Toolkit, and used not only for command and control but also as a simulation environment for carrying out different scenarios in crisis management.

Current work status

Currently, EXUS is working on the setting up of the Multi Source Information Fusion Engine, defining the data models and using a Kafka software platform for communicating messages from producers (information sources and sensors) to consumers (FRs and crisis management agents). CERTH has begun preliminary work on expert reasoning and is also gathering incidents keywords from end users for building the Social Media App. UPF works on the Multi-Lingual Operations App (currently on French to English translation) and is doing more testing on the App. STWS has updated the user requirements for the Common Operational Picture and C3 platform and is working on accommodating all user functionalities. Finally, ICCS is working on the Face Recognition and Triage and Patient Tracking App, using the input from the conducted focus groups. ICCS has been working on Augmented Reality platform and currently they focus on testing the Microsoft HoloLens device and the human-machine interfaces.

All the partners are doing progress on the implementation of their components and preliminary work has begun for their integration and the upcoming lab tests.

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