The Responder Technology Cluster (RTC) of the DRS02-related projects INGENIOUS, NIGHTINGALE, RESCUER, MED1stMR, TeamAware, PathoCERT, INTREPID, Search & Rescue and RESPOND-A has been established with the support of the Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe (CMINE).

All projects are working on related research areas under the Disaster Resilient Societies (DRS) framework and focus on developing and testing technologies to enhance first responders’ safety and improve their effectiveness and efficiency. The cluster’s purpose is to promote good practice in research through collaboration and to recognise opportunities for efficiency wherever appropriate through combined activities such as dissemination events.

The first meeting of the cluster kicked off in April 2023 at which Scope and ToR’s were further discussed. A dedicated space has also been created on CMINE with access for all members. As a result, a common ‘launch’ report will be created for all projects to use in their dissemination, impact and exploitation activities.

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