The First Responder of the Future

Swarm Drones

Indoor & Outdoor operation, Obstacle Avoidance, 3D Modelling, Human & Damage detection, Real Time Sensing

Smart Uniform, Boots & Helmet

Boosting Responder's Health & Safety, Indoor Positioning, Vital Sensors, PAN, On-board processing

K9 Wearable Kit

Vitals, IR Cameras, PAN, Communication, First Aid Kit

Mobile Applications

Worksite operations, Victim Triaging, Multilingual Collaboration, Social Media Monitoring

Augmented Reality

Indoor-Outdoor Augmentation, See Behind Walls with integrated drone support, hazard alerting, intuitive context

Data Intelligence

Expert Reasoning, Rich Analytics, Edge Computing


Introducing the Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) for Collaborative Response, increasing protection and augmenting operational capacity

INGENIOUS aims to assist First Responders be more effective and save more lives during natural and manmade disasters and crises by exploiting novel technologies. INGENIOUS is developing, integrating, testing and validating a Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) for Collaborative Response, which ensures high level of Protection and Augmented Operational Capacity to respond to the disaster scene.

What are the INGENIOUS goals?

INGENIOUS is providing a high end technology solution to facilitate each step in the disaster-management process during a small or major emergency. The Next Generation Integrated Toolkit for Collaborative response armours the First Responders with all means

To better gather information from the emergency scene
To immediately evaluate the seriousness of the situation
To disseminate the information across the First Respondersʼ teams and the public safety agencies
To lay a stronger foundation for taking action and devise a common, integrated and coordinated response plan
To improve the ability to analyze options and take decisions.
Many nations, one team!

Meet the INGENIOUS Consortium

INGENIOUS Consortium comprises of 23 partners and covers a large portion of Europe and associated countries (12 partners) as well as the Republic of Korea, at a total of 13 countries.

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