INGENIOUS is happy to have co-organised/co-chaired the “Technologies for first and second responders" Session of the CERIS – DISASTER RESILIENT SOCIETIES Cluster Conference that took place on the 10th of November 2022 along with the sister project FASTER.

The Session was a great opportunity for projects active in the field of crisis management and security to participate in an open discussion and exchange views, knowledge and best practices for the different stages of development of the technologies. The projects that participated in this Session together with INGENIOUS and FASTER were RESCUER and TeamAware. All the projects presented their technologies and the benefits and advances they offer to first and second responders. The INGENIOUS activities and achievements were presented by ICCS, the Project Coordinator. More specifically, ICCS presented the 3rd and Final Prototypes of the technologies that compose the INGENIOUS Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) as well as results from the rich programme of Integration, Testing and Validation activities of the project. Intriguing presentations and interesting results were also shared and discussed from the other projects.

You can watch the Session’s presentations and discussions HERE.

The discussions of the CERIS – DRS Cluster Conference involved also the EU-funded projects FIRE-IN, iProcureSecurity PCP, ASSISTANCE, Search & Rescue, INTREPID and Respond-A.  

The CERIS – DISASTER RESILIENT SOCIETIES Cluster Conference was held on 7-10 November 2022 in Brussels (BAO Congress Centre) in a hybrid format (mixing virtual attendance with a limited physical participation) as a follow-up to the successful meetings in the Disaster-Resilient Societies (DRS) Thematic Area earlier this year. The Conference was organised by the “Community of European Research and Innovation for Security" (CERIS) of DG HOME, managing to bring together H2020 and Horizon Europe projects to co-organise a DRS event under the CERIS umbrella for 4 days.

The event was split into 6 mini-conferences and nearly 600 participants registered for the event.

More than 30 projects have joined forces and worked together to set up the agenda of the different sessions that covered discussions on four topics:

  • INSURANCE WORKSHOP Day 1 – Monday 7th November
  • SOCIETAL RESILIENCE  Day 2 – Tuesday 8th November
  • CBRN-E CRISIS MANAGEMENT & HEALTH RISKS Day 3 – Wednesday 9th November

The sessions run in panel format encouraging discussion and interaction between projects, thus providing a high-level platform of exchanges in the DRS area that contributed both to project and to CERIS objectives. In addition, information was provided on upcoming Horizon Europe DRS topics for 2023.

The AGENDA is available HERE.

Detailed information can be found on the CERIS website HERE.

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