Learn the Aims & the Objectives of the INGENIOUS project and the added value that is offering in SAR operations!
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INGENIOUS Consortium will develop a series of technologies that will contribute to a number of different sectors. Discover all the sectors!

What are the challenges?

Europe remains vulnerable to a wide range of natural and manmade hazards (such as flood, earthquake, industrial accidents, critical infrastructure losses, etc.), causing tremendous repercussions in human life and financial losses. INGENIOUS Consortium has identified a series of challenges that will work upon in order to improve them.

Smart First Responder

INGENIOUS will develop Intelligent Helmet, Uniform, Boots and Wearables for First Reponsders and vests for K9 Units
User Interface

Smart Devices in the air and on the ground

INGENIOUS will offer 2 different types of autonomous drones for indoor and outdoor operations, multisensor systems for rapid environmental mapping and enhanced accuracy in positioning.
User Interface

Augmenting Operational Picture

INGENIOUS fuse information from different sensors and interfaces and will provide critical information and situational awareness via AR displays for tactical view

The consortium

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INGENIOUS in a nutshell
Reduction in response time of large disasters
Reduced injuries & casualties
of Hazard area mapped indoors & outdoours
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