Missing the final 2nd FSX due to other obligations at home (owner being sick) Malpi was eager to attend the final Review Meeting in Brussels on the 4th of April 2023 and meet the Project Officer (PO) and old friends within the INGENIOUS project.

For this important trip, it was necessary to dress up, smell good, and look sharp and prepared.

Polar bears (SBFF) have learned the hard way never to travel on the same day to events/meetings so Malpi travelled the day before, contemplating over what was to come and tweaking the presentation over the end users’ requirements. Mapi was not happy that the SBFF’s presentation did not mention any monkeys but only bears, foxes and owls (INGENIOUS end users, techical and academia partners).

A teddy bear next to a menu

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The review day was long with many presentations and questions from both the EU and the External Reviewers.

Everyone was happy to see Malpi and everyone including the EC reviewers was happy with Malpi’s contribution to the project’s blog posts, posts for the field tests, posters etc.

The INGENIOUS project was successfully completed, with the reviewers providing very positive feedback on the work that has been conducted by all partners during the 3.5 years of the project’s lifetime. They also suggested to all the partners to continue their collaboration in future projects. Even better no deliverables were rejected, and very good comments were received about the collaboration between all partners. In addition, a lot of emphasis was placed on the successful conduct of the many iterative physical field tests by end users and technical partners.

After the Review Meeting Malpi travelled back once again reuniting with her owner.

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Malpi wants to thank everyone for getting the opportunity to participate in the INGENIOUS project. Developing the Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (INGENIOUS NGIT) for First Responders is more important than ever, as First Responders need to work in a safe and effective way, protecting their communities no matter the situation. Hopefully, the tools developed within INGENIOUS will be used in the near future. Until then stay safe and keep in touch!

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