After a successful first Full Scale eXercise (1st FSX) in May 2022 in Villejust, France, the INGENIOUS consortium organised the INGENIOUS 2nd Full Scale eXercise (2nd FSX) on Thursday 10 November 2022, in Bilbao, Spain, to present the final prototype of the INGENIOUS Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) for the First Responder of the Future. In conjunction with the 2nd FSX, the 2nd INGENIOUS International Workshop on the “Tools for the First Responder of the Future” took place one day before, on November 9th in a hybrid mode. Both events were hosted by our partner ERTZ at their training facilities in Iurreta, Basque Country.

The INGENIOUS 2nd International Workshop on the “Tools for the First Responder of the Future”

The first part of the INGENIOUS 2nd International Workshop on the “Tools for the First Responder of the Future” was dedicated to the technical developments and achievements of the project. The INGENIOUS technical partners presented the progress made in the development of their tools and components as well as the final functionalities and benefits for the First Responders. The technical providers also focused on the results generated during the project’s Integration, Testing and Field Validation activities and presented the main findings through intriguing presentations and video screening. The INGENIOUS End Users were represented by our partners in SBFF who shared their perspectives, experience and impressions from using the advanced versions/prototypes of the INGENIOUS tools and components in the testing field. 

The second part of the Workshop gave the opportunity for an open discussion among Cluster Projects that are at a corresponding stage of development of their technologies will also take place. The projects that participated in the Cluster Session were ResponDrone, CURSOR, FASTER, ASSISTANCE and INGENIOUS. Experts in the field of Crisis Management and Security represented the projects and after presenting their results and achievements they provided constructive insights and best practices through an open dialogue on the methods of integration and validation of their technologies.

The INGENIOUS 2nd Full Scale Exercise

The 3rd and Final Prototypes of the INGENIOUS NGIT were demonstrated during the 2nd FSX in Bilbao. Both the technology providers and the practitioners of the project worked together to test and evaluate for the last time the effectiveness of the INGENIOUS final solution in real conditions. The scenario simulated an emergency response during a dangerous attack in a highway tunnel. Significant feedback was received and the effectiveness of the INGENIOUS innovations was assessed. After the successful completion of the FSX, the INGENIOUS technologies were available to the interested stakeholders for a table demonstration and the technical partners responsible for their development provided clarifications and a bilateral demonstration of all the advanced features and benefits.



All the presentations given during the Workshop are available below:

Insights from DRS02 Cluster projects + Open Discussion/Results/Validation-Integration methods

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