The Small Scale Test #15 (SST#15) in Bilbao was the opportunity to test, for the first time, the triage systems (ICCS) consisting of the tag, the mobile application and the web platform.

To do this, we simulated a terrorist attack with 6 victims involved, presenting various degrees of severity ranging from dead victims, vital emergency, or relative emergency. We used the devices and performed triage for each of them. The aim was to visualize on the regulation platform the synthesis of the information provided in the field by the application and the devices. We were then able to test the handling and interconnectivity of the platform with the tags through the mobile application.

This test allowed us to use the technology in its entirety, and thus to give our comments and suggestions for improving the platform and the application.

Regarding the facial recognition application (ICCS), we virtually modified, simulated and created images with injuries of different sizes on the faces of people participating in the INGENIOUS project, whose original photos had previously been integrated into the application’s database. Thus, we were able to test the sensitivity of the application to recognize, despite a deformation or obstruction of the face, the people involved. The application has made a lot of progress and frequently recognizes victims.

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