LIT#4 for testing the INGENIOUS K9 Vest was conducted on September 8, 2020, and was organised by ICCS in the framework of the first round of Laboratory Integration Tests (LITs). This LIT took place virtually, like all the rest of the same round lab tests, due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions in force in September 2020.

During the LIT the K9 vest and the components of the 1st prototype were presented. The aim of this INGENIOUS tool is to provide situational awareness from the canine’s location. To this end, it will offer two video streams (HD and thermal) as well as bidirectional audio. In addition, it will monitor the canine’s location with a high-precision GPS receiver. The audio and video output streams will be forwarded to the PC, where the operator will be able to view them and also collect geolocation data and present them on a map.

To achieve the above functionality the component consists of a canine vest easy attachable, a lightweight and low consumption processing unit, a visual and a thermal camera, a microphone and a speaker for bidirectional communication, a GPS module and a stabilizer to provide smooth motion. Our goal is to develop a modular tool aiming to be easy to attach/detach the modules needed each time, depending on the type of the mission.

End-users were interested in this tool and useful input collected during the LIT especially from the K9 teams participating which enlightening us with details regarding the operation time of the canine, weight limitation and additional sensors that will be useful for remote monitoring of the canines’ well-being and vital signs.

2nd round of LITs


LIT#13 for K9 Vest testing was conducted by ICCS on May 26, 2021, in the framework of the second round of LITs. From the end-user, 3 teams attended (ERTZ, ISAR, PSNI) and from the technical partner, ITC and TEK joined the event. The LIT#13 as all the rest LITs of the same round took place virtually, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. The objective was to present the progress in the development of the K9 Vest and to demonstrate the tool to the end-users aiming to receive feedback on the complement before the field tests. At that stage of the project, the K9 vest offered: (i) Visual and thermal camera, (ii) Video stabilization, iii) GPS tracking, (iv) Allow voice commands, (v) Compact and lightweight design. Regarding the streaming and the data storage the component could operate in two modes, live streaming of data (video, audio, GPS location) and local recording of data (Once the unit finds a specific network it can automatically log in to a server and upload the recorded data).

During the LIT the modules of components, the functionality and features of the K9 Vest were presented. After the presentation followed a demonstration of the equipment and a live stream video. Interesting discussion among all participants took also place.

End-users were interested in the functionality of the voice commands and expressed their desire to try it at the field test. The feedback received from the users was positive with minor comments. The next step will be the Field tests that are planned for October 2021 where the canines will try in real conditions two K9 Vests with a little different set up.

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