INTREPID (Intelligent Toolkit for Reconnaissance and assessmEnt in Perilous InciDents) started in October 2020. The EU-funded INTREPID project aims to help first responders by providing a platform that will improve the 3D exploration and analysis of disaster zones. This platform will be based on intelligence amplification and extended reality concepts, with smart cybernetic assistants as well as innovative deep indoor networking and positioning capabilities. Thanks to this platform, first responders will be able to immediately start operations without having to wait for specialised teams or for the zone to be fully secured.

Figure 1: INTREPID Cybernetics Assistants – UGV
Figure 2: INTREPID Cybernetics Assistants – UAV
Figure 3: INTREPID Tactical Network

The first major task very naturally concerned the EUR collection. Several meetings have been organised during the first two months, covering the various components of the platform: the cybernetics assistants, the Situational Awareness capabilities, the Intelligence Amplification capabilities and the Tactical Network. This allowed to produce 73 requirements and to start defining the 3 pilots. The EUR collection was further completed, in November 2020, by a meeting with the INTREPID External Advisory Board (EAB) that provided valuable input, and, in January 2021, by 4 virtual workshops that offered further details on the requirements, expected use cases and pilot definition. This officially concluded the EUR definition phase for the V1 (3 versions are to be produced throughout the project). 

In parallel, the architecture definition started and is currently in progress, to be concluded in March 2021. Several meetings involving the technical partners allowed to define more than 90 functional specifications to date and to identify the majority of data flows.

Figure 4: INTREPID Draft Architecture
Figure 5: INTREPID eXtended Reality COP

Other tasks that have been conducted include the definition of the field validation methodology – both this methodology and the use cases and input gathered from end user during the EUR collection process permit to have, very soon in the project, a good view of the pilots’ organisation and evaluation process. This will be put to use for the first pilot, which will be held in Stockholm in November 2021, and will involve the simulated flooding of a subway station.

Figure 6: INTREPID Real-time 3D mapping
Figure 7: INTREPID Environment Assessment Capabilities

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As part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, INTREPID and the related projects CURSOR, FASTER, ASSISTANCE, PathoCERT, RESPOND-A, RESPONDRONE, Search & Rescue, SIXTHSENSE and INGENIOUS have received funding under the same topic SU-DRS02-2018-2019-2020 to develop technologies for first responders. 

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