A novel testing, training and experimentation programme of 24 laboratory testing sessions, 24 field tests and 2 large scale field validation activities will be realised within the lifecycle of the project. Technical partners and end users will follow closely the laboratory testing activities, realise field tests of the initial versions of functional prototypes towards benchmarking and ultimately operate the Toolkit as a whole in two large field validation activities to be held in M26 and M35 of the project.

The component testing and individual INGENIOUS platforms testing and integration in the laboratory of the techno-providers partners have already started. The first Laboratory and Integration Testing activity is taking place at the premises of our partners from ISAR, in Germany, and concerns the K9 Vest which is being developed by ICCS. The Specially-trained dog teams are regarded as intelligent assets for the FRs deploying to disaster scenes and in urban search and rescue missions because of their keen sense of smell, speed, and ability to maneuver in tight spots searching for victims. The technologically advanced Vest is being designed to protect the companions of the FRs in their difficult missions by monitoring their vitals whilst allowing the FRs having better control of the dog by commanding it remotely and out of the line of sight. Resilient links and stable cameras are embedded to the K9 Vest allowing the dogs to directly communicate with FRs when a victim is detected and to increase the situational awareness.

K9 Units testing the K9 Vest

The second Laboratory and Integration Testing activity was focused on the Field Communication, MAX, Swarm of MINs, Deployable IPS & Large-scale mapping tools of INGENIOUS. Each tool’s tests took place at the premises of the technical partners who are responsible for their development (ICCS, FOI, SINTEF, and DLR accordingly). The self-exploring, automated UAVs for indoor and outdoor operations as well as the fundamental localisation and communication means utilised within and around the worksite will be operated by the First Responders and will be developed and prototyped to protect them in the disaster scene and enhance their operational tasks. 

MAX developed by FOI
MIN developed by SINTEF
Handheld and helmet IPS devices developed by DLR

Find out more information about the project’s roadmap here: https://ingenious-first-responders.eu/roadmap/

If you wish to learn more about the INGENIOUS technological tools and services visit: https://ingenious-first-responders.eu/ingenious-project/

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