INGENIOUS will participate in the “CERIS – DRS- Discussion on Technologies for First Responders for Disaster Risk” which will take place on the 24th of February 2021 from 10h to 12h CET.  

Following the DRS workshop on Societal Resilience held on 10th February, this is the second DRS virtual workshop, which will focus on Technologies for First Responders. Presentations of research outputs of projects funded under the DRS02 topics will be performed. More specifically, the projects that will participate in the discussion are RESPONDRONE, RESPOND-A, ASSISTANCE, INTREPID, CURSOR, SIXTHSENSE and INGENIOUS.  

The aim of the workshop is closely related to the development of the now called “Community for European Research and Innovation for Security” (CERIS), the successor of the Community of Users (CoU). The workshop is expected to attract more than 100 attendees.

The INGENIOUS technologies will be presented while concrete outputs achieved and expected by the end of the year will be provided. The workshop is a great opportunity to learn more about other DRS02 projects’ developments and outputs. Perspectives about “where the projects will be in 2-3 years” concerning effective support to policies, practitioners’ operations, the potential market dimension and Civil Society aspects will be provided as well. The is a significant opportunity for exchanging high-end technical knowledge, useful data and good practices.

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