Smart Boots can augment a First Responder (FR) situational awareness, providing lifesaving warnings and alerts that no other wearable device can offer. The smart boot system by CyRIC is a wearable tool that boosts the INGENIOUS Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) and enhances individual or team operational capacities. Smart Boot system is composed of hardware, i.e. the smart insole pair located inside the FR regular safety boots and of software, i.e. Boot Edge Software (BES) hosted on the FR Uniform.

CyRIC proprietary patented combination of layers and flexible force sensors result in accurate measurements of force distribution at multiple points on the foot. This key feature enables INGENIOUS Smart Boots to measure vertical ground reaction force (VGRF) and the Centre of Pressure (CoP), thus enabling a more precise understanding of the actual loads handled by a FR as well as gait-related outputs such as the trajectory of the FR’s centre of mass at any given moment. With the real-time processing of such measurements by Boot Edge Software (BES), it is possible to recognise the FR activities and generate alerts and warnings when in danger or distress. For example, the Smart Boots can generate a FR down alert in zero or low visibility, which is forwarded via the INGENIOUS NGIT to the Team leader for action, while a fatigue warning can be generated to help a FR avoid injuries.

The smart insoles acquire live data from the build-in distributed pressure sensors and 9-axis IMU and using Bluetooth Low Energy 5 connectivity they transmit the raw data in real-time and high frequency to the BES on the Uniform. The BES uses intelligent algorithms and generates events based on FR’s activity, such as FR is immobilized, hanging, lifting weight. The events are redirected to the INGENIOUS Fusion Engine (FU) and the Command, Control & Coordination (C3) Center for further actions and analysis. For example, in case of fall or immobilisation detection by the Smart Boots, the team leader or person in charge is notified to act and assist the FR in distress.

Key characteristics of the Smart Boot system also include:

  • Fully wearable, unobtrusive and integrated with the INGENIOUS NGIT
  • Real-time activity detection
  • Ultra-low power consumption with over 12 hours autonomy
  • Rechargeable battery with wireless charging

CyRIC Ltd, is an international award-winning technology company based in Cyprus. CyRIC offers IoT networks and sensing solutions and pioneer professional R&D services for both local and international customers and specialise in product design, engineering, prototyping, electronics design, and software development. CyRIC personnel have vast experience in scaling deep tech breakthrough products. In 2015–16, the European Business Awards recognised CyRIC as the National Champion in Innovation. For the last 5 plus years, CyRIC has been focusing R&D expertise in smart insoles, applying the know-how in a specialised custom-build version for FRs.

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