It is with great pleasure that INGENIOUS participated in the CERIS Disaster Resilient Societies (DRS) Cluster Conference, which was organised on 23-25 March 2022 in Brussels (BAO Congress Centre) in a hybrid format mixing virtual attendance with limited physical participation. On the 25th INGENIOUS co-chaired the “Technologies for First Responders” Session of the Conference along with the sister projects FASTERCURSOR and INTREPID.

During the session, two main topics were discussed. The first one was focused on the EU – Japan – Korea collaboration in developing advanced solutions for First Responders. Users, researchers and technology providers from the EU, Japan and Korea discussed the challenges of developing and applying technological solutions, with emphasis on the solutions provided by the chair EU projects to Japan/Korea and vice versa. From INGENIOUS side we presented the Smart Helmet solution developed for First Responders by our partners in KIRO from KOREA.

Valuable experiences, best practices, and lessons learned from the DRS-02 cluster projects on testing and validating new and novel technologies were exchanged. There was a useful and productive exchange of views and input collected from Japan-Korean First Responder (FR) teams on collaboration with Japan-Korean Tech./Research. The presentations were stimulating and the participation of the audience was very active.

The second slot offered the opportunity for an interesting discussion about an inventory of the FR solutions being developed in the context of DRS02 projects and their added value and operational challenges. This slot focused on four main thematic areas and covered the broad spectrum of technologies developed within the DRS cluster projects:

  1. Robotics and Unmanned Vehicles;
  2. Sensors, Wearables and Mobile Devices;
  3. Mission Critical Systems: C2 and Communications;
  4. Augmented and Virtual Reality

An impressive number of 54 technologies for First Responders (FRs) are currently being developed by DRS02 projects to ensure high level of protection, augmented operational capacity and boost FRs awareness. The statistics that were presented during the Session were generated with contributions from FASTERCURSORINTREPID, Search and RescueRespond A, NIGHTINGALE, TeamAware and MED1stMR projects.

The “Technologies for First Responders” Session was also part of the EU-Japan Symposium on Advanced Technologies for First Responders held in conjunction with the CERIS – DISASTER RESILIENT SOCIETIES Cluster Conference 2022 and organised by FASTER.

INGENIOUS participated also in the discussion panel on pre-standardization activity within Horizon Europe DRS projects, which took place on Thursday the 24th of March.

More than 20 projects joined their forces to co-organise the DRS event under the CERIS umbrella. The CERIS Disaster Resilient Societies (DRS) Cluster Conference gathered a wide range of actors (policy-makers, scientists, practitioners, SME/industry, civil society representatives) covering many different disciplines in the area of Societal Resilience, CBRN-E Crisis Management, Standardisation, Technologies for First Responders and Pandemics Crisis Management.

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