The INGENIOUS Project inaugurated on 18th-20th of September through the Kick-off Meeting of its consortium on the beautiful Porto Heli in Greece. During the Kick-off Meeting, the different task areas and roles of contributing partners were presented. 

The INGENIOUS partners had the opportunity to meet each other, interact, set objectives and exchange feedback about achieving the project’s goals with success. They also stated the importance of involving FRs as much as possible, while numerous issues were identified and addressed early. Fruitful discussions on the project’s future plans took place & the Consortium committed to collaborating effectively to achieve the project’s goals.

A highlight of the event was the participation of 4 similar projects through the presence of their coordinators. These five highly innovative and complementary EU projects (ASSISTANCE, CURSOR, FASTER, INGENIOUS, RESPONDRONE) funded under the same topic SU-DRS02-2018-2019-2020 – Technologies for first responders were invited in building a continuous liaison and to join a clustering activity for sharing experiences and common practices. All projects’ coordinators stated the importance of synergies and collaboration among similar projects.

The Kick-off meeting opened the door to constructive future collaboration.

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