We are pleased to announce that the INGENIOUS project will be presented during the II International Scientific Conference on Evaluation Mechanisms – “Mechanisms for assessing Innovation in Crisis Management” which will be held virtually on the 25th of June 2021.

The Conference, organised by the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw (Poland) and WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza (Poland), focuses on the identification of scientifically validated mechanisms for the assessment of innovative solutions to be implemented in crisis management processes.

The advanced tools and services for the First Responders and the accompanying K9 Units which are being developed within the framework of the INGENIOUS project will be presented during the conference. The INGENIOUS solutions will ensure high level of protection and augmented operational capacity, assisting the first responders of different disciplines (police, fire service, emergency medical units or civil protection) to combine their strengths and experience, save more lives and, in the end, return from the disaster scene safe and sound.

Some of the main questions that will be answered during the conference through a series of presentations are the following:

  • What methodological tools are used to evaluate innovations used in crisis management?
  • How to improve the tools for assessing innovations?
  • How to use the conclusions from the research on public safety and fire protection to improve crisis management?
  • How to use the conclusions from international work and research projects in the process of improving crisis management systems?
  • How to improve the process of evaluation towards implementing most promising innovations in crisis management?

More information about the conference is available here. The programme can be found here. Those interested can attend the conference through this link

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