The Augmented Reality solutions of INGENIOUS will be presented at the online workshop titled “How can Augmented Reality enhance First Responders’ capabilities”, which will take place on April 20th 2021 between 09:50 and 12:00 am CET. The workshop is the first in a series of open workshops organised by our DRS Cluster project RESPOND-A, addressing new technologies for first responders.

INGENIOUS will be represented by our partner from CS-GROUP, who is in charge of developing the Augmented Reality Response Platform. CS-GROUP will present the AR aspects of the INGENIOUS project and the benefits for the First Responders.

The event is a great opportunity to share knowledge, experience and perspectives on the benefits of using Augmented Reality for first responders operations/trainings. Practitioners will share their experience using the technology. Among the participants is also the sister EU funded project FASTER which will present its perspective and AR solutions.

Registration to the event is open to the public and free of charge. Register to participate here.

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