We are delighted to invite you to the INGENIOUS 1st Full Scale Exercise (1st FSX) to be held in Villejust, France, on Tuesday 24 May and Wednesday 25 May 2022. In conjunction with the 1st FSX, the INGENIOUS 1st International Workshop on the “Tools for the First Responder of the Future” will be held in a hybrid mode, focusing on the different needs and challenges faced by First Responders today.

The INGENIOUS project, funded by the European Union and the Republic of Korea under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, develops an integrated, reliable and cost-effective technology solution that ensures a high level of protection and augmented operational capacity, assisting FRs in saving more lives with less risk. The Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT) for Collaborative response of INGENIOUS integrates smart sensors, systems and Augmented Reality technologies, for both the First Responder himself and the accompanying K9 Units.

During the 1st FSX in Villejust, the INGENIOUS technologies will be stressed in a large earthquake scenario near shore with cascading effects, e.g. destroyed/collapsed buildings, comms failure etc. The integration of the different tools and components as well as the functionalities and the capabilities they offer to the First Responders will be demonstrated by the INGENIOUS partners. The 2nd Prototype of the INGENIOUS Toolkit will be tested and evaluated by both technologists and practitioners who will be in close collaboration in order to further improve the provided solutions. The 1st FSX and the results that will be conducted will provide significant feedback and create new knowledge that will enhance the work of the partners for the development of the 3rd Prototype of the NGIT which will be the final solutions.

The 1st FSX will be hosted by our partner APHP-SAMU at their training facilities in Villejust near Paris, supporting the exercise sessions with their first response teams and standard equipment they are using.

One day before the FSX, on the 24th of May, the INGENIOUS 1st International Workshop on the “Tools for the First Responder of the Future” will take place in a hybrid mode. The Workshop aims to enhance the dialogues on how evolving technologies can enhance emergency responses, improving and ensuring the safety of first responders. The Workshop will identify the needs and challenges of today’s first responders highlighting the importance of having access to the appropriate technological support to enable them to work safely and effectively in the field.  

Registration is free of charge but required.

If you wish to participate in the INGENIOUS 1st FSX and the 1st International Workshop register through the following link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/334485885287

Once we receive your registration, we will provide you with the location/connection details!

The final agenda is available here.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

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