INGENIOUS @Skadeplats 2022

We were excited to participate in the Skadeplats 2022 exhibition which took place in Uppsala, Sweden on September 21-22, 2022. The two-day event was organised by the Swedish Fire Protection Association in Uppsala and it was addressed to operational fire fighting personnel, targeting incident command issues.

The conference is Sweden’s largest meeting place for people who work at the scene. Fire and rescue professionals and exhibitors from the industry gathered to share and exchange experience, knowledge, innovative ideas, research inputs and advanced technologies in the fire and rescue industry.

The INGENIOUS partners from SBFF gave a presentation of the INGENIOUS Next Generation Integrated Toolkit (NGIT), focusing also on some of the very interesting results that have been produced during the Integration, Testing and Validation activities of the project.

View the presentation here

View the program here.

Additionally, some of the INGENIOUS tools and components were showcased at our booth. Our partners from FOI demonstrated the MAX – Multi-purpose Autonomous eXploring drone they are developing. The functions of the Modular Aerial Camera System – Search and Rescue (MACS-SaR), which is being developed by our partners in DLRwere also presented, while our partners from CS GROUP demonstrated the Augmented Reality Response Platform to the hundreds of attendees, who engaged with the different INGENIOUS components and did not hesitate to try them out. INGENIOUS leaflets were also distributed to the attendees giving them the opportunity to learn also about the other INGENIOUS tools and components.

Skadeplats 2022 attracted 300 participants during the two days of the conference.

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