INGENIOUS @Security Research Event 2022 in Paris


We are pleased to announce that INGENIOUS will be participating in the Security Research Event 2022 (SRE 2022) to present its innovative solutions developed to enhance the situational awareness, safety and collaboration of the first responders. The event will take place on March 1-2, 2022, in Paris, France (at the at the Universcience – Cité des sciences et de l’industrie / Centre des congrès de la Villette) as a physical event.

The project partners from TEKNIKER, CyRIC, CERTH, SATWAYS and ICCS will represent the INGENIOUS Consortium in the exhibition of the event where they will also demonstrate to the hundreds of visitors the INGENIOUS Smart Uniform, Smart Insoles for Boots, Social Media App, Common Operation Picture (COP) Platform, Triage System and K9 Vest respectively.

SRE2022 is a great opportunity for INGENIOUS to gain visibility and further expand its network. More than 850 participants from Industry, governments, knowledge institutions, professionals etc. are expected to attend the event and discuss the state of play and current challenges for security research in Europe.

More specifically, the 2022 edition of the Security Research Event will explore how security research contributes to the overall resilience of our society against disasters and crises. The conference will therefore take stock of the best practices identified during the COVID-19 crisis and, from this starting point, will look at how security research has been and will continue helping Europe to be better prepared and respond to this kind of dramatic situations.

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