INGENIOUS @CNSP: 127th National Congress of Firefighters of France

INGENIOUS participated in the Congrès National de Sapeurs-Pompiers de France – CNSP: 127th National Congress of Firefighters of France which took place in Marseille, Paris on 13-16 October 2021.

The project partner CS GROUP participated in the event and had the great opportunity to present INGENIOUS and exhibit its solutions to over 250.000 French and international firefighters. More than 50 INGENIOUS leaflets were distributed to participants who showed great interest in INGENIOUS solutions.

The National Congress of Firefighters of France is a major annual meeting point between firefighters, their national federation and their governance. It welcomes tens of thousands of visitors, brings together more than 4.000 delegates and allows more than 400 exhibitors and industrialists to unveil their latest innovations in the field of rescue and fire and to access a large professional market. It is also a time when a large public can come to meet the firefighters of France. Several players from the public safety sector attended the Congress and were eager to learn about the INGENIOUS technologies for first responders.

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