INGENIOUS @7th European Civil Protection Forum

On 28-29 June 2022 INGENIOUS participated in the 7th European Civil Protection Forum, an important European gathering of practitioners and decision-makers in the field of civil protection.

The 7th edition of the Forum, organised by the European Commission in Brussels, was focused on the need for better European preparedness for future large-scale emergencies while displaying the limitations of the current framework. The Forum welcomed actors involved in the implementation and shaping of the European Civil Protection Policy. Representatives from the civil protection and disaster management communities such as governments, local, national and regional civil protection authorities, first responders, EU institutions, the scientific community and the private sector as well as other relevant stakeholders participated and provided their input to the discussions.

INGENIOUS participated with a booth presenting the innovative technologies developed for the First Responder of the Future. Among the INGENIOUS tools and components that were demonstrated to the participants were the Smart insole for Boots developed by our partners in CyRIC, the Common Operational Picture and Command, Control and Coordination System (COP/C3) developed by Satways, the K9 Vest and the Triage Application by ICCS. The INGENIOUS technologies as well as the INGENIOUS 1st Full Scale Exercise (FSX) results were also presented through a poster.

Under the overarching theme “Towards faster, greener & smarter emergency management”, the Forum will tackle 4 policy axes:

STRENGHTEN CLIMATE RESILIENCE – Preparing for extreme weather events
PROTECT OUR CITIZENS – Adapting to new risks
EUROPE IN THE WORLD – Reaching beyond geographical boundaries

… elaborated in various formats:

  • 5 Plenaries
  • 12 Workshops
  • 2 Thinking Labs
  • 1 Exhibition

Details can be found here. Read also the Forum Booklet for further information.

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