INGENIOUS 1st Plenary Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece

On the 5th–7th of February 2020 INGENIOUS held its 1st Plenary Meeting at the premises of our partners from the Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), in Thessaloniki, Greece. The 1st Plenary Meeting has been a successful piece of experience and project ideas exchange.

Partners gathered to discuss the progress to date and updates on the current status of the INGENIOUS developments aiming at ensuring a high level of protection and augmented operational capacity for the First Responder of the future.

The different task areas and roles of the contributing partners were among the main topics of the agenda. Fruitful discussions about the further development of the project took also place. The action plan for the following six months was defined and thoroughly discussed while the benchmarking, evaluation and validation activities of the INGENIOUS tools were planned.

In addition, four key workshops on User requirements, INGENIOUS Architecture, Ethics and Innovation management took place to identify and validate initial user requirements as well as collecting feedback about the early prototypes of the INGENIOUS modules and discussing how INGENIOUS will address fundamental rights or societal values. Excess time was given for discussions in small working groups comprising of technical and end user partners.

The overall ambitious agenda of the meeting provided further valuable input on status and understanding and intent of all the tools developed. Such a process led to the update and refinement of the user requirements.

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